Families Discover Advanced Home Purification 2,400x Faster Than HEPA Filtration

 Puradigm, a global leader in a new category of product, — simultaneous air and surface purification — has launched a residential version of their robust charged particle purification technology. Health-conscious families are taking notice.In a University of Florida study, Puradigm proved to be more than 2,400x faster than traditional HEPA filtration when eliminating SARS-CoV-2 (COVIDd-19). Extrapolating from this study, a typical HEPA filter could take 40 minutes to remove the number of harmful pathogens from an average cough size. Puradigm purified the same amount of pathogens in less than a second.In another study in hospital patient rooms, Puradigm was shown to be up to 8x more effective at reducing pathogens than manual cleaning of contaminated surfaces.A growing number of families have found a way to keep safe in the wake of COVID-19 and mutating coronaviruses with Puradigm’s offering of HOME and HOME+ purifiers. By installing Puradigm, they are also investing in their good healt

Self-care on Your Schedule with Mental Wellness App

The challenges of the past two years have raised global stress to unprecedented levels, illuminating the importance of prioritizing mental health.The National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization, recognizes May as Mental Health Awareness month — a time to raise awareness and mobilize efforts to support mental health.This year, let Mental Health Awareness Month serve as a gentle reminder to prioritize your mental well-being and self-care.Yet, finding the time to focus on our health can be a struggle during busy or challenging times.That’s exactly why mental wellness app, Breethe, meets you where you’re at, ensuring self-care becomes a reality and not just a hopeful wish. Breethe’s personalized approach — which easily integrates self-care into your day instead of just adding another item on the to-do list –delivers customized, relatable stress relief right to your phone,"Breethe is personalized for you and your needs. When it comes